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EZ Fish version 2.3 is now available!

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EZ Fish works on Windows Vista and higher.
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Version 2.3

Version 2.2
Version 2.1
NOTE: I am still working tirelessly to restore some bonus features of the bot and then I can move on to other things people have been asking for. I am sorry I have not yet restored lost PIN time, I have simply been prioritizing my time working on the bot.

Version 2.0 BETA

Version 1.9

Version 1.8
NOTE: I wanted to get to work on other features in 1.8 but didn't want to keep you guys waiting for the Shadowlands lures. In 1.9 I would like to implement a 'Loot Filter' feature, allowing you to specificy exactly what you want to loot. I would also like to add the ability to mount up and sell junk, then continue fishing. .

Version 1.7
NOTE: The major sleep issue fixed in this patch is also likely to have solved the same issue for a small percentage of users even prior to the latest windows update. .

Version 1.6
NOTE: I'm aware of a couple of minor bugs, they will be resolved in future patches, my main goal was to get the bot back online and safe for you guys.

Version 1.5
NOTE: I know a few people would really like a 2nd 'Press X every X' option, but it's not exactly a trivial feature to add at this point. If you would also find this useful please let me know on Discord.

Version 1.4
NOTE: As much as i try to thoroughly test EZ Fish in a variety of situations, i cannot possibly test through all the dynamics of wow, so i do make real use of your feedback!

Version 1.3
NOTE: Why don't i just write an autopatcher.. :thinking:

Version 1.2
NOTE: Lures & Water Walking was absolutely aids to implement and test due to my limited noob status on Classic. It's possible i have missed or got something wrong. If you find anything untoward just add me on discord and let me know.

Version 1.1
NOTE: I know some of you would love lures and water walking functionality adding and it's right up there on my list, providing nothing more important pops up i would like it to be in 1.2, along with custom fishing/hearthstone/lure keybinds which would add further randomness between users.

Version 1.0
NOTE: This update was mostly to get through teething issues, thanks to all of you that helped.

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