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TLDR - Quick Start
  • 1. Download and Run EZ Fish.
  • 2. Take your character up to some water in game and fully zoom in, pointing your camera directly at the water.
  • 3. Mouseover the EZ Fish widget icon somewhere near the top right of your screen and press Start.
  • 4. You should now see a black overlay covering your WoW client, simply click and drag to create a region that will fully encompass the water where your bobber will land and then click the Apply button - EZ Fish is now fishing!

  • NOTICE: This must ONLY contain water, that means no nearby land, rocks, trees or other things sticking out of the water and no UI elements such as weakauras, nameplates etc.

    WARNING: The default configuration will continue fishing indefinitely, i HIGHLY advise you never leave it fishing for more than 3 hours straight without decent breaks.

You can download EZ Fish directly from the Downloads page above. Upon clicking Download you may find the file gets blocked by your browser, simply click the little arrow to the right and click 'Keep' as shown below.

Upon running EZ Fish you may find your AntiVirus program or Windows Defender has 'protected' you.. I know, it wasn't like this prior to version 1.6, the TLDR is that everything the bot needs to do to remain undetected and updated while simulating Mouse & Keyboard input is rightfully concerning to an antivirus program.

[Windows Defender] - This is the most common alert.

Once EZ Fish is running it will show TRIAL inside the PIN authentication textbox, you can now enjoy 3 hours for free!

Starting the Bot

By default EZ Fish is configured to be extremely simple to start fishing, you can follow the TLDR section above to start it quickly, or if you want to hear about the available bot settings, read on.

Mode: EZ Fish has 2 main fishing modes, 'Continue fishing forever' and 'Stop fishing after X mins' the former is there purely for ease of use, however, as stated above i HIGHLY advise you never leave it fishing for more than 3 hours solid without breaks. Of course you can do what you please, but don't come crying to me if you get banned for botting like a lunatic.

Completion: This section is available when using the 'Stop fishing after X mins' mode, it's pretty self-explanatory. The default EZ Fish execution order is as follows Use Hearthstone > Log Off > Close WoW > Close EZ Fish.

Anti-detection: These features are not here to serve as bullet proof anti-detection, allowing you to leave the bot running until the cows come home, but rather an additional layer of randomness, that will play out slightly different for each user.

Setting up Alarms

EZ Fish has an alarm system which works based on 'Monitor Regions' and 'Triggers', the idea is that you provide it with a region it should monitor, using exactly the same method as you use when creating your bobber region to start fishing, it will then monitor that region providing it's enabled and botting is active. Should an alarm trigger, its corresponding Setup button will turn red and you will be squawked at by a horrible alarm sound until you click to Pause it. I might implement additional sounds/volume settings at a later date.

NOTICE: Due to the image recognition nature of these alarms, clicking a triggered alarm will only temporarily pause it for ~8s, in this window you must fix whatever alarm has been triggered accordingly.

[Health Changed]

Trigger upon any health change: This alarm requires that you show it a region of your screen which it can use to detect your health has changed, one option is the health bar section of your player frame as shown on the right.

Trigger upon death only: This alarm requires that you show it your Release Spirit button. Yes.. you have to die to create it Although i did have the good sense to make EZ Fish save/load these trigger images automatically.

[Chat Message]

Show EZ Fish where your Chat Window is: You must create a region that fully encompasses your chat window's output frame. Your chat window MUST have a solid background color, zero transparency.

Show EZ Fish what a 'Whisper' looks like: Ok for these triggers you must show EZ Fish a unique message feature from each channel, in this case whisper would be the pink 'whispers:' snapshot of a whisper, as shown on the right.

Show EZ Fish what a 'Say' looks like: A Say channel alarm trigger would be the white 'says:' snapshot, as shown on the right.

Show EZ Fish what a 'Bnet' looks like: A battle.net message would be the turquoise 'whispers:' snapshot, as shown on the right.

[Inventory Full]

Show EZ Fish what it looks like when your Inventory is Full: For this you can simply fill your bags up until it shows (0) space left and then take a snapshot to use as a trigger, as shown on the right.

[Extra Inventory Trigger]

Ok so this is probably a good time to highlight that EZ Fish Regions/Triggers are not bound to any specific purpose, they can be used for a wide variety of tasks. This button is here purely for your imagination.

[Unexpected Stop]

EZ Fish will stop itself if it stumbles across any unwanted or unexpected behaviour. No setup is required for this alarm, it will simply trigger should the bot stop itself.

Game Settings



Missing Bites

Your created fishing region must ONLY contain water, that means no UI panels, text, addons, nameplates etc. and no nearby land, rocks, trees or other things sticking out of the water.

Missing Bites:

If the cast ends and the bite is missed completely without an attempt to click, this is typically caused by not being zoomed in enough, causing the bot to not have enough pixels to monitor.

Clicking too early:

Occasionally you may fish in a location where the bot keeps clicking too early, this is caused by erratic pixel activity in your fishing region, like a glowing or misty effect, sometimes not easy to see by eye. You can go into Other -> Debug Tools -> Bite Sensitivity and untick Auto, then increase the slider to maybe 90-100%. This basically means the bot wont click a bite unless it is very sure..

Safe Usage

I'm not going to sit here and pretend i have the secret sauce for safe botting, what i can do is tell you exactly how i used the bot during development for 6 months without any issues (This was a hobby project for quite some time).

A: I never left the bot running for more than 3 hours, half of the time i would use the 'Pause for X every X' feature. Usually 1/9 or 10/50 mins, I advise you make up your own active/paused ratios if you wish to use this feature.

B: I would always fish in a remote location, also if i was around the computer during my fishing session i would often move to a new nearby location after an hour or two.

C: I only ever used EZ Fish during my typical online window, never overnight when i'm not usually online.

General Tips:
If you are starting EZ Fish while you go afk for an unsure amount of time, just set it to 'Stop fishing after X', it's not a good idea to accidentally leave it fishing for 8 hours solid.

Always assume somebody could be watching your character fish, also assume blizzard is looking at the period of time you are stood doing nothing but fishing.

Never talk about botting in-game, that includes battle.net. If you want to talk to friends about EZ Fish, do it through some other comms platform such as discord.

EZ Fish has a bunch of randomized behaviour when it comes to the fishing itself, which helps to prevent any heuristic detection mechanisms Blizzard may or may not have. Keep in mind it is still just a pixel based fishing bot, you will have to use your brain for everything else.